1) BOOKING: All bookings are made by email.  Required deposit payments are normally made by bank transfers.  We are able to provide you with a detailed account of your booking process progression, alternative methods of payment, choice of accommodation, etc.
2) Check-in (entrance) from 14:00 h - 
Check-out (departure) 12:00h 
(the apartment should be vacated by 12.00 noon)
For exceptional cases ask the reception. Arrivals before the above time (early check-in) or leaving after the time (late check-out) require prior approval and will be charged half the daily rate of up to 6 hours and full rate if it more than 6 hours. 
3) Change of room/apartment: At arrival time, or later, wanting to change the accommodation chosen and booked, the guest can ask to switch/change accommodation. This is subject to availability and adjustment of tariffs.
4) Unscheduled check out:  reception must be given a minimum of 24 hours notice.  In such cases the guest will receive a voucher equal to the amount of vacant nights, to be used within a six months period, with the rates of the season.  No cash refunds are made.
5) Information form model Embratur:  Should be completed at check-in time, this must include information regarding all guests staying at the hotel. A photocopy of your ID will be taken, as determined by Brazilian law.  
6) Accommodation of children: The hotel accepts children, with restrictions. At check-in the parent or guardian will be invited to sign a Statement of Responsibility form regarding their child/children’s behavior. The form advises that all children’s conduct must be monitored closely as not to disrupt other client’s stay at the hotel. The cost of any damage caused by adults or children to the hotel, furniture, decoration will be added to your account/bill. . 
7) Service Fee: as contracted in the act of your reservation will be charged at check-out time 10% on the total value of invoice (Daily and extras).Not negotiable. 
8) Individuals not staying at the hotel: According to management agreement and depending upon its sole discretion, guests may invite non-guests for meals in the restaurant. By the same criterion non registered people could be invited by guests for "day-use" of deck, pool and restaurant. All individuals visiting must spend a minimum amount (consumption) and make payments in cash.




open from 8:00 h to 21:00 h. To call dial 9. 
2) SERVICES Concierge: Contact reception to book tours, rent a car, car with driver, manicure, pedicure, hairdresser, massage, tickets to shows, etc.. 
3) FRIGOBAR: For your convenience, restricted to the items provided by the inn. Do not remove or change these items for other brought from outside. In respect to the other guests to follow, please do not put in the fridge products whose decomposition can cause bad-smelling.
4) TV: turn on and off by remote control. Do not change the settings, please. The channels are adjusted in the best possible way. 
5) CABLE TV: we have a few converters. Ask reception for the equipment and installation charges. 
6) WIRELESS INTERNET: accessible in common areas. Look for the reception to get your password. 
7) SAFE: TThe use of the safe is an exclusive guest convenience. The inn rents it, and is not responsible for any valuables stored in it. The reception at the inn can offer more details regarding safe use.
8) KEY: we kindly ask guests to keep doors and windows locked, internal and external, in their apartment, being inside or outside it, and take their keys with them (door and safe). 
Do not separate the card (that turn on the electricity) and the key.  Your cooperation is expected.
9) AIR-CONDITIONING: connect and disconnect (turn on or off) the switch next to the bed. Keep doors and windows closed when air conditioning is in use. The guards/staff are instructed to disconnect the electrical power for devices that they find “ON” in the room, in the absence of guests.
10) WATER: The inn has its own wells. The water is of excellent quality (you can drink from the tap), but the flow is limited.  We advocate against wasting water.  Please inform the reception of any leakage or lack of hot water. 
11)PHONE: The phone in your apartment is enabled for calls to different states within Brazil, as well as local and international calls. Connections are charged automatically by the pousada’s telephone systems.  To get an outside line, dial "0" and then the desired number. To receive external calls directly at your apartment please teach your friends the number of its branch, which is the number of your apartment preceded by 2. Example: the branch of apartment 01 is 201.
To Schedule: remove the phone>> mark 1341 + hh / mm (hours and minutes with 2 digit>>> wait for the confirmation message or a sequence of 2 short rings indicating that programming was done. >>> Return the phone to the hook. 
To unschedule: remove the phone>>> mark in 1340>>> wait for message or sequence short of rings to confirm>>> Return the phone 
13) BATH TOWELS: the white towels should not be removed from the apartment. 
14) TOWELS FOR POOL: they must be rented and returned at the reception. Please do not use them outside the inn. 
15) LAUNDRY: ask at the reception. The service is outsourced to a specialized company.




1) VISITORS IN THE SWIMMING POOL – to bring people not staying at the inn to the common areas, such as car parking, swimming pool and decks. 
2) VISITORS IN ROOMS - To bring people not registered as guests to the interior of the apartments, under any circumstances.
3) SMOKING IN ANY APARTMENT. Use the inn's common areas, plazas, gardens and lounges. 
4) Washing or asking the staff to wash cars and motorcycles
5) Connecting devices with audio speakers, either in cars or in any dependencies of the inn (except apparatus with individual headphones);
6) Hanging clothes in the balconies bars, walls, roofs and windows. 
7) Cooking, heating water, washing or ironing in the apartments. 
8) To promote uproar, tumult, shouting, or any event that, as such, affects the welfare of other guests. 
9) Offering money or benefit of any kind to employees to obtain privileges not included in the service offered




Useful Information 
Pousada Privillage - 55 73 3575 1646 
Fax Pousada Privillage : 55 73 3575 2162 


Reception – dial 9 
Restaurant - dial 223 


Taxi: dial "0" + 3575 1217 
Mototaxi: dial "0" + 3575 3886 
Police - dial "0" + 190 
SAMU (emergency, ambulance) dial "0" + 192 
Pharmacy: dial "0" 3575 3050 
Clinic Medicare dial "0" 3575 2248 
Airport: dial "0" 3288 1880 


Do not connect devices with a power greater than 1000 watts. 
Lack of energy: power cuts occur in Arraial, occasionally resulting in a lack of energy. We have no generator. There are candles and matches in the drawer of the side table. We recommend the greatest care to use them, and in no way the candles should be brought near the ceilings of balconies due to fire risk. 
Parents with children must pay particular attention at such times.


Any avoidable damage: 
Guests will be charged for any missing items, damage to decoration, equipment, appliances and utensils, (e.g. sheets, towels, etc.).  Damaged items will automatically become the property of the guest responsible, will be included in your bill and made available for you at the reception.



o Privillage Alerta que : O Único  portal / site de vendas autorizado  a oferecer pacotes de hospedagem para o Privillage  é  a consultas de reservas  apenas diretamente com a pousada  mediante consulta particular ou por agência.

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Postal Box: Nº 651 Arraial D´Ajuda
Telephons: +55 73 3575-1646 / +55 73 3575-2162
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